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Custom Web Design

Increase your traffic and your revenues with an awesome website built by our talented team of designers.

Search Engine Optimization

Ranking high organically on Google Search increases your visibility and generates free traffic.

Google Ads

Instantly generate traffic to your website and sales leads through Google search advertising.

Social Media Marketing

Grow your community and increase your leads, sales and revenues through your presence on all social media platforms.


Your brand identity defines who you are as a company. Make sure your image is in line with your values.

Software Development

Create attractive and functional web or offline applications based on your needs. The only limit is your imagination.

We make it easy for clients to choose you.


Digital Dollar Marketing offers you the one-on-one customized service you would get when dealing with a freelance developer with the added resources and manpower you would get from a large agency. Our team of dedicated professionals ensures each client is treated with the utmost care and dedication. We truly are the best of both worlds.

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    

Special thanks to Andrei and Emanuel for the amazing work for our clinic’s digital marketing. Their web design skills are fabulous! We have now a modern website with educational content that just looks amazing and on the mobile platform also.
After receiving a ton of positive feedbacks from our clients we have decided to let them take over our google advertising too. As we expected, they have surpassed our expectations increasing our sales exponentially.

– Gabrielle

    

Amazing team, they built my website in 2 weeks from scratch, while keeping me updated. Genial and imaginative they managed to create the exact vision of my digital image.
After gaining my trust I hired them to take over my digital marketing department. They’re doing an amazing job with google ads.
Thanks again and good luck!

– Alain

    

Creative web designers and amazing social media skills and google ads professionals
Definitely recommend them!

– Mihai

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